Inside Areté Interview Series

Who is Areté?


Zane, Areté Senior ’20

How long have you been at Areté?  Two and a half years.

How does your education make your life better? That has yet to be determined.
What is your favorite philosopher, philosophical question or thought experiment? My favorite philosopher is Lao Tzu because I think his philosophy comes from his own personal wisdom. In the time of Ancient China, he was revolutionary and broke away from Confucianism. He was original. 
What was your Senior Master Thesis about? Does death matter? 
Why is this important to you? I think if you do anything in your life the most fundamental thing is to conduct your death in a sensible way. 

Why would this be important to others? It hopefully encourages them to explore things about their nature and existence. It’s important because death is the only guarantee in your life. It’s the only thing you can count on happening.

What was your favorite moment at Areté? It’s not really a single moment, but I liked being able to create and conduct my own class. It’s about eastern philosophy and martial arts. 
How are you different now from a few years ago? I have more clarity of what I want to do with my life.
Is there anything you are passionate about that you want to do as a career or in your life? I want to go to try to live a monastic life for a little bit. I’m going to India soon to explore that. 
Would you recommend Areté to other students and why? I would recommend it to kids who think they’d benefit from a small environment. I think it’s best if you have something you want to explore that’s not usually offered at other schools. 
If you could learn or do anything now or in the future (after high school), what would it be? I want to learn how to catch cobras. 
What do you like to do when you have free time? I like to meditate a lot.

What is an interesting fact about you? I have a lot of reptiles at home.
What are you looking forward to most? To climb mountains in India.

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