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Inside Areté Interview Series

Who is Areté?

Areté Senior - Winslow

Winslow, Areté Senior ’21

What are your plans for after Areté?

I can only think so far ahead. I plan on going to Lewis and Clark in Oregon and studying cognitive psychology and perhaps going into research, but beyond that who knows?

What is your favorite Areté memory?

My favorite arete memory, as well as the memory that gave me a distinct feel for the place, was the time Clark found a life sized Ben 10 statue. I have no idea where he found it however he claims he got it from a dumpster. The Ben 10 statue just kinda stood in the corner of the lounge and was rather uncanny. The Ben 10 statue was eventually broken when the seniors of that time tried testing out self defence tactics on it and it was decapitated. After that it mostly disappeared, however its arm or head still pops up from time to time. 

What is an accomplishment you are most proud of from high school?

I have a few really. Realistically my biggest accomplishments would either be writing various symposium papers, especially my senior thesis, and doing large projects. However I also feel good about upholding the symposium Smash Bros tradition and participating in the recent battle bot competitions.

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