Upcoming Events

Admissions Open Houses

January 28th 11am – 3 pm – Special Location – Point Dume, Malibu  

February 25, 2018   2-5 pm at Arete in West Los Angeles

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Areté Arts Night

When: Thursday, January 18   6:00 pm

Where: Suite 318 and Room 505


 January 31st       6:30-9:00 pm

Arete is hosting Next Generation Schools’ special event:

Is School Making Your Child Less Intelligent?

Are schools making our children less intelligent? If so, what can we do to reverse this trend?
Decades of educational research paint a picture of traditional education that should give parents pause. Many of the standard teaching techniques that we grew up with, which still dominate today, have been shown to be ineffective or worse, counterproductive to real learning.
The good news is that an increasing number of schools are embracing the wisdom of educational research and revolutionizing the way students learn. Come hear from experts and sample for yourself some of the most effective and engaging approaches in learning. Become a knowledgeable advocate for your child’s education.

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