Special Events

The Evolution of Video Games

Thursday, May 27th @6:30pm (PST)

Guest Speaker - John Northan

Welcome to our first annual Areté Video Game Creators’ Workshop showcase! With the idea of a one-of-a-kind middle and high school preprofessional game design program, the Areté Video Game Creator’s Workshop was created a year ago. Our inaugural students not only master core programming skills but also develop individual creative talent, while learning about the culture and structure of the game making world. 

During this special evening, our guest speaker, John Northan, will talk about the evolution of video games, covering how they’ve gone from black and white block gfx with no sound to the amazing experiences they are today. There will be some fun videos of what games used to be like and how technology and game development techniques have developed.  

Event attendees will get to play a few games created by our students, and hear about their experiences of building their own games.

John Northan has been developing video games for over 20 years from console, PC, MMO to mobile games. He has worked at Electronic Arts, Disney, Pandemic Studios and several start-ups. He has shipped several franchised titles including Star Wars Battlefront, Where’s My Water, and Battlefield.

His love for video game playing and programing began in his early teens, and he was able to purse game development as an Artificial Intelligence Game Programmer, growing into other positions as a Lead Engineer, CTO and Studio Technical Director. 

John Northan
John Northan
Studio Technical Director, Dice LA/Electronic Arts
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