A Taste of Areté

Sample Seminars
For Prospective Students

We are thrilled to offer fun and engaging opportunities for prospective middle and high school students to immerse themselves in an Areté seminar and interact with our world-class faculty.

Our special, hour-long sample classes are FREE of charge. They are held in our highly successful virtual format, and will give prospective students a great taste of what life as an Areté student would be like!

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Upcoming Sample Seminars:

Time: Tuesday, September 22nd, 3:30pm (PST)
Topic: Metaphysics of Objects – One, Two, or Many?

Learn about what makes one two and many one in an exploration of one of the oldest metaphysical questions still boggling minds.

Time: Thursday, October 22nd, 4:00pm (PST)
Topic: Monsters: A Scientific Exploration of Earth’s Strangest Creatures

While Hollywood has filled our minds with what strange aliens may exist in the deepest, darkest reaches of outer space, the truth is they are already here, and were here long before we were. From the depths of the Marianas trench to the reaches of the upper atmosphere, life has found a way, and it ain’t always pretty! Go on an eye-opening tour to meet and learn about the biology of the most remarkable, and sometimes startling, real monsters living right here on Earth.

Time: Monday, October 26th, 4:00pm (PST)
Topic: Mission to Mars

What will it take for humans to get to Mars and to survive there for an extended period of time? We’ll talk about using Newton’s laws to get to the red planet and the chemical and physical processes necessary for humans to survive there.  

**Later in the fall, we’ll have topics such as Superheroes, Archetypes, and Existentialism, Forensics and Fingerprints, Artificial Intelligence, and more! Please check back in often!

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