A Middle School Your Child Actually Loves

How many of us can say we remember our middle school years fondly? Areté reworks the middle school mold entirely, transforming a traditional 6th-8th grade atmosphere of meaningless drudgery, social pressure and judgment, and grim endurance into a lively space where passionate and authentic inquiry, intellect, originality, empathy, and self-acceptance thrive. At the Areté Middle School, students are given a voice in their education and in their lives. As a result, they embrace their intellectual passions and develop strong, independent identities. Ultimately, Areté middle school students become adults for whom the sky is truly the limit: they are afraid neither to challenge themselves to grow nor to positively transform the world around them. 

Authenticity and Intrinsic Motivation

At Areté, our middle school students develop their authentic selves through a healthy combination of intellect and social-emotional awareness. They learn that wisdom means peeling back layers and layers of questions to reveal even more questions. Ultimately, they become self-motivated, self-initiating learners and creators as well as intellectual and artistic collaborators.

Areté’s middle school is a seminar-style laboratory for learning where students not only encounter, but actually engage with and create important ideas in a wide range of academic and artistic fields.

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Passion-driven Learning

Tailored Collaboration

Our middle schoolers work closely with faculty mentors to co-create curriculum and assignments based on shared interests. Through this passion-driven, collaborative process, students achieve the most lasting reward for their deep, diligent, relevant work: an immeasurable commitment to and fascination with learning itself. Our faculty are passionate about helping students develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually, so that they can ultimately contribute uniquely and profoundly to the world. 

Four times a year, faculty provide detailed narrative assessments and proficiency ratings of student work in place of traditional grade reports. Through this student-centered evaluation process, middle schoolers come to understand their strengths and avenues for growth on a much deeper level than they otherwise would. Their relationships with their teachers also make them feel supported to take more and more intellectual risks.