Arete Faculty- Jim Hahn

Jim Hahn

Head of School

Arete Faculty- Eli Hahn

Eli Hahn

Assistant Head of School

Arete Faculty- Anne Butler

Anne Butler

Middle School Director

Stacey Kovoloff

Director of Admissions  & Outreach

Arete Faculty- Krystina Lamorte

Krystina Lamorte

Director of Individualized Learning Program

Arete Faculty- Christi Gambill

Christi Gambill

Academic Dean, College Counselor, Mathematics and Great Ideas Instructor, Athletic Director

Batsheva Frankel

Director of The Areté Institute
English and Arts Instructor

Jason Cruze

Director, Great Ideas Program, Ethics Bowl Coach, English, History and Great Ideas Instructor

Arete Faculty- Hiroko Axelson

Hiroko Axelson

Japanese and Arts Instructor

Arete Faculty- Mick Bender

Mick Bender

Arts Instructor

Arete Faculty- Kyle Broom

Kyle Broom

Great Ideas, English, and Arts Instructor

Arete Faculty- Jerolyn Crute

Jerolyn Crute

Arts Instructor

Arete Faculty- Brian Clark

Brian Clark

Science and Mathematics Instructor

Arete Faculty- Wednesday Hobson

Wednesday Hobson

English Instructor

Arete Faculty- Wendy Schapiro

Wendy Shapiro

History and English Instructor

Mallory Ditchey

Latin and History Instructor

Michelle Willett

French, History, and Mandarin Instructor

Jomaquai Jenkins

Science and Mathematics Instructor

Andrew Knauft

Science and Mathematics Instructor