Disrupting Education

Driving the Change

Areté Preparatory Academy is not only on the forefront of engaging, student-centered learning, but we are also becoming internationally recognized as a model of effective teaching strategies and deeper learning. While we love working at a small school that truly “walks the walk” when it comes to student-centered, inquiry-driven pedagogy, we are also passionately committed to helping education in general become all that it could and should be.

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The Areté Institute

A division of Areté Preparatory Academy, The Areté Institute was founded by Jim Hahn, Head of School, and Batsheva Frankel, a lifetime educator and Areté English Instructor. They are joined by veteran educators who share their vision of deep and engaging learning and their desire to help everyone — students, teachers, parents and community leaders — advocate for great education. 

The Institute provides thought-provoking speakers and classes for both parents and educators; professional development courses and conferences such as the annual GameLevelLearnCon; and the internationally acclaimed podcast Overthrowing Education.

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Overthrowing Education Podcast

Who knew that revolutionizing schools could be so fun? Overthrowing Education is an edgy and entertaining podcast for everyone who cares about education. Join host Batsheva Frankel, Co-Director of The Areté Institute, as she …

  • Interviews game-changing educators, and afterwards challenges them to a personalized 5-minute Game Show.
  • Highlights great stories from teachers and students in a segment called “In the Trenches.”
  • Introduces new “products” in commercial parodies -with a mix of humor and wishful thinking- such as Grades Be Gone, Edu-Gamarama, and Fix-It Tape.
  • Provides practical tips and tools for bringing positive change to our schools and classrooms.

We invite concerned and passionate students, parents, community members, and educators to join the conversation. Available for download on all your favorite podcast platforms.