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Where Education Meets Art Meets SoCal Teen Life

PCH Tutor recently interviewed teen artist and rising Areté junior Rosie P. on her high school experience and her life as a budding artist—with a possible upcoming show in Manhattan!

Rosie talks about how her education informs her art, how she uses her art at school and what online learning looks like right now in her world.  She also talks about her craft and her perspective on finding her voice as an artist and human being. 

“High school is that place where you kind of start to become the person you’re going to be the rest of your life,” says Rosie. “The first couple years you’re being someone you’re definitely not, testing the waters of who you want to be, figuring out what you enjoy from people around, making mistakes. 

“Before high school I figured, ‘I am who I am, I can’t change.’ But that’s not how life works. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that that’s ok, I don’t need to be super sure of who or what I am, I can be happy with who I am in the moment. That’s gonna change, maybe for the better, sometimes a little for the worse, it’s ok to make mistakes, just continue. If I make mistakes, I can avoid them in the future and change and build off my success and continue developing who I am.”

Continue reading to hear all about Rosie and her art and see some of her gorgeous works… CLICK HERE

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