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Class Size Matters…And That’s Just Part of the Magic

What is an Areté Seminar? With a 1:6 teacher-to-student ratio, an Areté Seminar is so much more than just a small class. Built on a foundation of open communication and mutual respect, our Seminars represent a shared goal: to create a place where profound reflection and innovative risk-taking are encouraged and celebrated. 

Instead of competing for attention and points, Areté students engage in thoughtful questioning, proposing counterarguments, tightening logic, and working together to deepen and expand discourse. Our students learn to communicate clearly, think critically, and speak confidently. 

At the same time, the Areté Seminar is pensively playful – a rare place where a learner can revel in the satisfaction and fun of learning while also developing a powerful academic identity and voice.

Our Seminar format provides the attention and individualization students need to develop their own passions and interests while truly learning to think.

At Areté, we believe in supporting each student’s passions, and we guide them to achieve their own unique goals. When our students discover what makes their hearts skip a beat, stress takes a back seat to passion as they invent, analyze, create and imagine their way to exciting college programs and cutting-edge careers.

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