Inside Areté Interview Series

Who is Areté?

Camille, Areté Junior

How long have you been at Areté? This is my second year.

How does your education make your life better? I enjoy coming to school. It gives me purpose, especially because it’s a hands-on environment. I get to advance my learning in subjects I’m truly interested in because it’s so choice based. It gives me goals because I’m looking to graduate. It’s one of the steps to my career, and it has value in itself. 

What is your favorite philosopher, philosophical question or thought experiment? I like Rene Descartes because last year a senior did a Symposium on his ideas of reality. The idea of existence has fascinated me since then. A very Matrix-like mindset. 

What was your last or favorite Areté Symposium about? Art and Capitalism. The notion of the art myth — of the starving artist. There was a Jeff Koons piece that sold for a ridiculous amount of $90 million. So that started it. 

What was that Symposium really about? Is it the artist’s responsibility to shy away from capitalism, or is their participation inevitable?

What was your favorite moment at Areté? My philosophy class last year. It was called the Architecture of Love. We studied Erich Fromm. We had a lot of good discussions. 

How are you different now from a few years ago? I’m more laid back but I have more natural curiosity that I was missing before now. I was in a rigid environment before Areté. But now, I’m actually curious and have the good work ethic. 

Is there anything you are passionate about that you want to do as a career or in your life? I’ve recently discovered that I have interest in teaching. I really like the tutoring work I do, including the tutoring program at Areté. I used to have this dream of being like a business mogul, like the next Wall Street tycoon. But that was just me being edgy, I think. So yeah, I might want to teach high school English someday. I have a lot of ideas for potential curriculums.

Would you recommend Areté to other students and why? I would totally recommend Areté! Not to everyone, though. I talk about it a lot to kids who are bored by school, or who hate it like I did. It’s really cool for people who need something different than what they’ve had.

If you could learn or do anything now or in the future (after high school), what would it be? I would love to know how to do invisibility. Ever since Harry Potter, it’s been a goal of mine. I always wanted one of those cloaks. 

What do you like to do when you have free time? Watch documentaries. Catch up on sleep. Read. A favorite book is Lolita. I like Nabakov. 

What is an interesting fact about you? I’m related to Karl Marx.

What are you looking forward to most? I can’t wait for there to be flying cars. 

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