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Does School Need to be Grim? How Playfulness Enhances Learning

“Playful learning is driven by student inquiry and needs, is meaningfully connected to students’ lives, and fosters experimentation and social interaction.” – The Bookings Institute

Why do we revere playful thinkers, like Socrates, DaVinci or Einstein, while continuing to label playful, active, joyful learning as “soft” education? And who decided that fun in learning – to the extent that it survives in primary school – needs to be stamped out to start preparing middle schoolers for the “real world”?

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authentic learning

Don’t Test Me…From the Forefront of Evidence-Based Teaching

At Areté, we don’t teach to the test or quiz. In fact, you won’t see many tests at Areté, not just because we love our students, but — equally important — because research shows that tests are poor teaching tools.

Deeper learning and authentic assessment go hand in hand. An authentic assessment is one that requires students to apply what they’ve learned in a new, complex circumstance or situation. 

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Hiking Unconventional

While We’re All Busy “Pivoting…”
How about pivoting away from a broken educational model?

The college admissions process has had to “pivot,” along with teachers, parents and students, to accommodate the new educational landscape under Covid. With inconsistent standardized test policies, interrupted spring transcripts, and a fall school structure still very much in question, high school juniors and seniors are understandably concerned about how to best catch the attention of admissions officers…especially if their education so far has been standardized, regimented or just kind of “meh.”

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