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Areté students, teachers, alumni, and families are an active, engaged, thriving, curious, inventive bunch of mavericks with plenty to say. Catch up with them today to find out what’s happening in their world. Don’t forget to join in the conversation in the comments section!


Where Education Meets Art Meets SoCal Teen Life

PCH Tutor recently interviewed teen artist and rising Areté junior Rosie P. on her high school experience and her life as a budding artist—with a possible upcoming show in Manhattan!

Rosie talks about how her education informs her art, how she uses her art at school and what online learning looks like right now in her world. She also talks about her craft and her perspective on finding her voice as an artist and human being.

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HS Graduation2020

Areté Graduation 2020 – I can’t believe this day is finally here!

I’m extremely honored to be able to speak about what Areté has meant to me and to thank Jim for suggesting I give a speech at graduation.

We endured more than eighty days in captivity, class in pjs, protests, looting, Covid-19, real and media induced hysteria, changes in our daily routines, and the government imposed restrictions on our interactions with our family and friends. I think these are horribly drastic measures to go through in order to get a bunch of teenagers to vote in their first presidential election and to be grateful for the opportunity that was afforded us when we attended Areté at 11500 West Olympic Boulevard.

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Falling Up Where the Colors of Education Blend Into Sounds of Joy

This past Ides of March, the world tripped on its shoe laces and, as most would say, fell down. Everything stopped and uncertainty filled the air. How long would we stay down? How bad would it hurt? Was there even a Band-Aid to put on our skinned knees?

As parents, we worried. What would our kids do when school went from the classroom to our homes? How would they focus and learn? How would they stay connected with their peers and teachers? How would we ever get that five minutes of coffee and serenity that only happens when they step out of the car or front door every morning? We didn’t know because they weren’t going anywhere. And forget about our own work!

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