Carlos Steinkamp-Calandria, Areté Alumus 2014 and Teacher

What was your favorite moment at Areté?

My whole experience here. Some of the greatest experiences of my life happened here. Being here is one of the most fulfilling experiences one could have. As someone who is passionate about learning and growing, Areté has been one of the most fulfilling environments I’ve encountered both as a student and as a teacher.

Justine Parkin, Areté Teacher

How are you different now from a few years ago?
I’m very different from when I first started here at Areté. I think I’ve become more confident in my teaching, especially coming from grad school where I taught German literature and philosophy. Grad school was rigorous, and here, I learned to have more fun with intellectual work. The students at Areté really help me do that because they’re serious about their academic work but they know how to approach intellectual ideas with a playfulness too.